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What happens if I buy Google like for my local business ?

You can show good reviews at the top of the page. It will increase clients’ trust and generate more leads.

Is Google review likes legit?

Yes, dear, all Google review &  likes come from legit users

Why do I buy Google reviews like from you rather than other providers?

You can buy Google review likes from us because we offer 30 days of drop protection means if any like is dropped within 30 days we will refill it again without any cost. Please note if you buy reviews from other sources also then we don’t provide such protection because it is difficult to identify which user likes are dropped.

Can you see Google review likes?

No dear, you can’t see who likes your listing review

Can I see who viewed my Google review?

No dear, google will not provide such options.

How are Google review likes calculated?

It will calculated based on many users who liked a particular review it is very similar to Quora upvotes.

Do Google Likes help in the ranking?

Yes or No both, but it will definitely increase trust of clients which is a very important part of local business

Does Google review like the list?

Sorry to say dear but Google will not provide such an option

Accidentally liked a Google review

You can go on that particular review and remove your like by tapping on the like button.

What are Google bot likes

It is an automated system that generates likes on reviews we don’t recommend such likes on any reviews because it is spam which will harm your profile.

What happens when you like a Google Reviews

It will bump up at the top of the review or review as recommended

Are Google review likes completely anonymous


Do I get banned for buying Google likes?

Not but try to avoid the buy from multiple sources or cheap price providers always.

How to unlike a Google review?

Just go on the Google review that you like and tap again on the like button it should be white again.

How it works?

  1. First, choose a suitable quantity that you wish to buy for a particular review.
    Now go to your google listing and tap on the review section all reviews will be open.
  2. Choose the best review which you want to show at the top of the page.
  3. Now click on the share button shown below the review and copy the URL of that particular review
  4. Submit this URL on the URL section
  5. And proceed to buy with PayPal.
  6. Once you submit this order it will start as soon as possible and deliver to you with suitable frequency.

What is the delivery time for Google likes?

It takes 7-30 days to fully deliver all likes if you buy multiple quantities then it takes more time please contact us to know exactly how much time it takes to deliver.

Can I target the user location for Google review like

No, dear, all likes come from legit sources so you can’t target this one.

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